Tehnologia cu 3 lungimi de undă într-un singur aplicator garantează siguranță și eficiență maximă. După prima ședință, aproximativ la 90% dintre cliente părul se rărește cu 50-60%, iar foliculita începe să se vindece. Tratamentul complet este în general de 8 ședințe la corp și 10 la zonele feței


Oferta noastra de preturi
Preturile pentru epilarea definitivă variază în funcție de mai mulți factori, cum ar fi zona tratată, numărul de sesiuni necesare. În general, epilarea definitivă poate fi mai costisitoare decât alte metode temporare de epilare, cum ar fi epilarea cu ceară. Cu toate acestea, mulți oameni consideră că merită investiția, având în vedere avantajele de a scăpa de părul nedorit pe termen lung. Este important să consulți un specialist în epilare definitivă pentru a obține o evaluare personalizată a costurilor și a stabili un plan de tratament potrivit nevoilor tale.

Pentru ca tocmai am sarbatorit 5 ani de cand ne-am alaturat retelei Perfection Beauty Club, și am reușit să facem clientele noastre fericite, dorim să vă oferim reducere la următoarele pachete:




Oferta Epilare Definitiva LASER

*Preţurile sunt pe şedinţa de tratament

Spate total 540lei 450 lei

Picioare lung (inclus degete) 540 lei 450 lei

Picioare scurt (inclus degete și genunchi) 420 lei 350 lei

Brațe total (inclus degete) 360 lei 300 lei

Brațe scurt (inclus degete și cot) 300 lei 250 lei

Inghinal total (inclus linia bikini și interfesier) 300 lei 250 lei

Pectorali/Abdomen 360 lei 300 lei

Umeri/Ceafă 240 lei 200 lei

Lombari 240 lei 200 lei

Față total 290 lei 240 lei

Fese 240 lei 200 lei

Linia bikini 180 lei 150 lei

Axile 160 lei 130 lei

Mustață/Bărbie/Perciuni/Areole/Linia albă 100 lei 80 lei


Epilare Definitiva Laser

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Ce spun clientele noastre

Bianca PavelBianca Pavel
14:52 09 Feb 24
Andrada ButiurcaAndrada Butiurca
06:45 27 Jan 24
I recommend with confidence!The quality services, the ambience and also the staff make this salon rise to a very high standard!Congratulations!
Ioana SanduIoana Sandu
16:46 21 Jan 24
High quality services, friendly staff, results from the first session. I recommend with confidence!
Alexandra SampetreanAlexandra Sampetrean
12:31 21 Jan 24
I confidently recommend this salon to everyone who is looking for not only excellent results, but also a relaxing and pleasant experience in the process of permanent hair removal. ❤️
Sofia FloreaSofia Florea
12:03 21 Jan 24
Very clean and maximum seriousness! The results are super good right from the first sessionI recommend!
11:59 21 Jan 24
The staff is very attentive and kind, and the results are super good after the procedures.I recommend with love!!!
Alexandra MoroiuAlexandra Moroiu
17:16 28 Apr 23
Gabriela VrabieGabriela Vrabie
11:16 08 Mar 23
I recommend this salon with confidence, I've been using their services for a year and I'm satisfied, you can see results, even if the first sessions didn't go as they should have (the previous employee didn't give her all, I didn't know what to eat a session with) of epilation, I said that this is how it should be.... In 40 minutes it was ready, which I realized when the employee changed, that it is not an Ok time to get the desired results).... instead, I have all the words of praise for Roxana (the current employee) who shows that she puts her soul into everything she does, knows the field and manages every time to give her strength so that everything goes as it should!In conclusion, I recommend the salon and Roxana 👍🏻❤️
Sabina VereşSabina Vereş
16:17 27 Feb 23
I was a little skeptical at first having had a lot of negative experiences at other salons, but I gave the process a chance and I can say that I don't regret anything.The treatment is amazing! The salon is super clean and stylish. As soon as I walked in, I was treated very nicely. I am delighted that I got rid of the hair on certain areas of my body and especially that I got rid of the worry of folliculitis. I can say that it is better than I first hoped. The results were seen even after the first session, I really did not expect them to be seen so quickly. I'm glad I had such an experience and I thank Roxana, who made me feel good every time I entered the salon.
Izabela GhidarceaIzabela Ghidarcea
16:43 17 Feb 23
I am very satisfied with the services of this clinic. The results are up to expectations! I will come back and recommend you with love!P.S.: The current employee is wonderful! 🤗❤️
Clara MariaClara Maria
15:17 15 Feb 23
Great services! The current employee explains everything very well and the procedureit is very pleasant. All services are superlative!
Andreea BalsanAndreea Balsan
15:50 10 Feb 23
Very good services until they changed employees. Now I woke up with repeatedly postponed appointments, messages to change my schedule a few hours before the appointment... respect for customers is completely lacking!
After the experience of the sessions in Bucharest at the same company with a super nice lady who knew what she was doing, I returned to Brasov for maintenance...Unfortunately, I didn't feel anything here, the hair being like after a shave with a blade...I do not recommend! I gave the money for nothing, this maintenance session did nothing... better choose another salonI returned to the salon with the new Miss Andreea and there was no comparison to the lady who was in the past and to whom I gave the money for nothing.That's how I learned how important is the person, not just the device, who uses a quality product!
Buhnila CatalinBuhnila Catalin
08:16 18 Jan 22
The person I spoke to at the clinic in Brasov, Roxana, you say she is from the communist era, I had to apologize for bothering her. It doesn't give you the feeling of a customer at all. I called to find out more details and make an appointment... maximum reticence, not pleasant language. I don't know if she is the owner of the salon or an employee, but I hope the feedback reaches the right place. Good manners are lacking.